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Musical Theater Vocal Lessons ★ #SHOWHOWSAFE

Show How Studio is offering in-person lessons with an all-new #showhowsafe system. Designed to be safer than recommended guidelines for similar service businesses, this setup will provide an extremely safe environment for students attending musical theater vocal lessons, acting lessons and more.

Online Singing Lessons ★ Acting Lessons ★ Audition Coaching

Take private lessons online with Show How Studio for expert training in musical theater, from singing lessons to acting and audition coaching.

Home Dance Floors for Online Lessons

When considering home dance floors, different styles of dance will require different types of flooring. Here are some options for you to consider when dancing at home for practice or taking online dance lessons.

A Parents Guide to Auditions and Casting

Learning how to receive casting information is an important part of a student’s theatrical development. It is also an essential skill for parents. Here are some DOs and DON’Ts of responding to your child’s casting that will be productive and helpful to your child.

Breath Support for Singing (in 3 Easy Steps)

The foundation of all styles of singing is the breath. Without proper breath support, a singer will be limited in what they are able to accomplish.

Acting Choices that Serve the Premise

In order to make acting choices that serve the premise, a performer must first understand what a premise is and how to identify it in a piece of theater.